Individual Health and Life 

Flexible and affordable health and life insurance plans are available from a variety of sources, such as the healthcare exchange created by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). However, many people feel more comfortable working directly with a trusted agent who can lend a personal touch. Wellspring Insurance wants to be that trusted adviser. The team at Wellspring helps its customers choose between the available ACA-compliant plans, which are rated with "metal" designations to aid in comparing policies designed to cover the same percentage of costs before the out-of pocket maximum is reached. Bronze-rated plans cover approximately 60% of costs, Silver plans cover 70%, Gold plans cover 80% and Platinum covers 90%. All plans are subject to out-of-pocket maximums of $7,900 for individuals and $15,800 for families in 2019. For those individuals eligible for a subsidy, Wellspring can answer questions and choose the best plan to fit the circumstances. For example, cost-sharing subsidies are only available on Silver plans but premium subsidies can be applied toward plans with any metal designation.