Wellspring Human Capital Management, LLC (WHCM) is a full-service human capital management consulting firm, recognized as a leading expert in the human resources field, and  drawing from over thirty years’ of Senior-Level HR experience in municipal government, real estate, banking, and telecommunications.


Human Resources has become the fastest growing segment of Business Process Outsourcing.  The primary reason for this growth is the increased pressure to reduce costs, improve service to employees and maximize resource availability across organizations.  Outsourcing can save companies an average of 20 to 50 percent over what they spend to do the work in-house.  Additionally, outsourcing frees up in-house employees to focus on their core business function. 

  • Outsourcing for the Small Employer:  WHCM provides professional human resources services on a part-time basis to employers who do not have the need or resources to hire a full-time human resources professional. For a fraction of the cost of an in-house person we can provide guidance and professional counseling for your HR needs including development and implementation of compensation and benefit programs, policies and procedures, employee handbooks, employee complaint investigations, new employee orientations, performance improvement programs and executive coaching. Any employer, regardless of size, has certain needs for HR consulting services


  • HR Audit:  WHCM will conduct a comprehensive audit of their human resources function, making compliance and effective recommendations.


  • Salary Survey:  WHCM assists our clients in conducting a Total Rewards Survey and Analysis using custom salary and benefit instruments, and soliciting total compensation information for comparable jobs, industries and geographic locations.  We assist our client in determining their position in the market, establishing salary ranges, recommending incumbent salary increases to ensure proper position in the salary ranges (Market Adjustments), Internal Equity and provide cost-effective implementation plans.
  • Performance Improvement Plans:  WHCM will develop plans to assess, develop goals and improve performance of employees, including necessary forms and supervisory training.
  • Benefit Review:  WHCM will conduct a comprehensive review of our client’s current benefit program and recommend cost effective and compliant programs together with implementation recommendations.  Also, we will ensure that our clients are aware of and in compliance with the Affordable Care Act.

Employee Relations

  • Training: Very few managers are skilled in the employee relations techniques necessary to avoid legal challenges, which are costly and unpleasant.  From a business perspective, once a lawsuit is filed everything that follows is negative.  Even if you win, there has been a negative impact on expenses, managerial time, employee morale and public relations.  WHCM will develop and present a supervisory management training program to introduce manager and supervisors how to perform as an effective and confident manager of people. 
  • Personnel Policy Manual:  WHCM will develop a compliant and user-friendly manual to use in managing their employees that ensures consistency organization-wide.
  • Employee Handbooks: Employees need to be aware of and understand the policies and procedures that guide their work, including vacations sick leave, PTO, benefits salary administration, progressive discipline, etc.  WHCM will develop a user-friendly tool to ensure this knowledge is available to employees.
  • Employment Applications:  WHCM will develop a compliant application for clients to use in the employment process.
  • Employee complaint investigations:  There are situations where employees file complaints against their supervisors such as sexual harassment, harassment in the workplace, etc.  WHCM will serve as a dis-interested third party to conduct these investigations and make recommendations to management.
  • New employee orientation programs:  WHCM will develop and present, on a periodic basis, orientation programs to provide new employees with a basic understanding of their organization and their policies and procedures.
  • Executive coaching and counseling:  WHCM will develop and conduct confidential coaching and counseling for organization executives and managers.
  • Employee/employer mediation:  WHCM will serve as a disinterested third party to mediate employee/employer conflicts.
  • Facilitation of strategic planning meeting:  WHCM will serve as a facilitator for strategic and other types of internal organization meetings.